Everyone has a Story to Tell


At Haven, we are always looking for new ways to empower the women in our program. We want them to have opportunities for practical resources like tutoring, resume writing, job readiness, and interviewing skills, but we care deeply about FULL restoration for each daughter: body, soul, and mind! That’s why we also offer counseling, support group, life skills classes, bible studies, gardening lessons, artistic outlets, exercise classes and other resources.

We are so thrilled to announce a new class we are offering our ladies! Starting March 12th we will hold a Creative Writing Workshop led by friend of Haven, Jillian Oates. Many of our women have shown an interest in communicating their experiences through writing. Some have already written poetry and themes expressing their struggles and passions. We agree with Maya Angelou who said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Jillian has experience with writing and editing and is so honored with the opportunity to share her knowledge with our women who have the most amazing stories to tell. Even if they don’t pursue writing after this class, we want them to know that they have an endless capacity to bear their souls through the written word.

We will study and write in several genres of writing including fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction (memoirs, biographies, etc.). The class will continue for six weeks, and at the end we plan to hold a slam poetry-style event (except ours won’t be a competition!) to give the women the opportunity to share with the community what they’ve written. (Details on the occasion will be posted later, but we encourage you to attend, as this will be a moving event!) We also hope that, in time, we will be able to publish a compilation of the pieces created by the women.

We also plan to have published author, Susan Norris, make an appearance at and possibly lead one of the workshops. (If you haven’t read her book, Rescuing Hope, please check it out.  She will also be mentoring Jillian, who is pretty new at leading workshops!

We believe so strongly that the Lord has so many dreams and desires for each woman whom we have been blessed to come alongside. Through this new opportunity, we hope to see new passions develop and deeper healing rise!