Jennifer Keitt Power Breakfast 2015

HavenAtl had the wonderful opportunity to attend Jennifer Keitt’s Power Breakfast 2015.  The theme for the breakfast was “Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential.” The Power Breakfast was life changing for several of our women. For many, this was the first time they contemplated their purpose in life. Here are a couple of testimonies from some women who attended the event.

"I must admit it was amazing! It gave me strength and joy and made me feel very positive about my goals in life. I am 40 years old and totally confused about my whole life. At the conference, I met a woman who is now my accountability partner. She invited me to church and I got saved! I feel as though God put my accountability partner in my life for this reason! I have drastically changed ever since attending the Power Breakfast.  And I truly believe God is working through Jennifer Keitt, through others to me. I have been blessed and I feel blessed. I am a changed woman." -S.W.

"It inspired me to look at my potential and recognize my potential so that I may fulfill my purpose and be more effective in it. Also I recognized who I am. It inspired me to want to do more.  The empowerment breakfast gave me an idea to scrapbook the last three years of my life. So that I may see myself and my capabilities. " -P.W.

Jennifer Keitt, thank you so much for inviting the women of HavenAtl, you have truly made an impact on them!