HavenATL is a cohesive program that helps transition women who have fallen victim to Commercial Sexual Exploitation, by empowering them to live a healthy and sustainable life.

Haven ATL Core Values

  • Justice Every human has a right to be free, safe, and protected.  
  • Dignity Every human is worthy of respect, care, and every opportunity to dream. 
  • Integrity  Business practices are honest and compassionate. 
  • Inclusion Every volunteer and client shall be presented with equal opportunities and resources regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed, or religion. 
  • Strategic Creativity Social entrepreneurship and innovations are valued and are implemented.  
  • Faith Prayer is effective and essential in the actualization of the vision and God relentlessly desires justice for the oppressed. 
  • Collaboration and Unity Resources in the community are utilized in order to combat human trafficking efficiently and effectively, such as - The local law enforcement, businesses, educators, medical workers, faith communities, and other local nonprofits 
  • Culture of Care A positive work environment and a community of change agents that care about these issues as well as each other.
Our Vision - We want to see the city of Atlanta free from Commercial Sexual Exploitation and the damage it causes to communities, families, and individuals.